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How It All Started

How It All Started

Hi All! Thanks for stopping by & allowing me to share my story with you!

I am an experienced health professional with a Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science. I have experience in clinical settings, private practice, corporate wellness, community initiatives and government based military programs. I've also lived and worked around the country, from Minnesota to Michigan, Florida, and Idaho, but Minnesota remains my home! After finishing a contracted Health Educator position with the 366th Medical Group, on the Mountain Home Air Force Base, in Idaho, I moved back home to Minnesota to take the next step in my career. I know what you're thinking, it must've been the Minnesota winters that drew me back (haha, not quite!). Honestly, my close relationship with family pulled me back home. Personal experiences with my own family are what sparked my passion for wellness, giving back and starting GoFit Dining. 

As a child, my father nearly suffered a heart attack and had three stents placed in his heart. This event prompted the whole family to be mindful of our lifestyle choices. For me, it opened the door to my passion, and ignited within me a desire to equip others with the skills and knowledge to live a balance lifestyle.

Having lived and worked in a variety of locations throughout the U.S. I've had the opportunity to experience and learn from the culture of various regions. As a self-proclaimed foodie, each move across the country became an adventure and a tasty one at that! With all of my belongings packed into a midsize sedan (yep, no moving vans for this gal!), on four separate occasions, I journeyed across the country. 

With a passion for food and wellness, I would plot my next meal along with my trips by searching, “healthy restaurants near me.” While I found many top-notch restaurants there was no shortage of greasy spoons and wild goose chases leading to back alley-style shacks that had been shut down. Frustrated, I knew that there had to be a better, and easier way to find healthy restaurants on-the-go, without having to create my own menu item by parsing entrees together. 

Equipped with a strong understanding of nutrition, activity and the busy lifestyle Americans around the nation lead I took a step of courage to start GoFit Dining LLC. 

The mission of GoFit Dining LLC is to promote lifestyle balance by creating a community of wellness and support enabling you to Dine Fit, Live Fit, and Go Fit. Understanding that lifestyle balance is key to enjoying all that life has to offer, we want to equip you with tools to achieve balance in your own life. One way we're doing this is by partnering with Minnesota's premier restaurants and providing you with money saving offers. These great offers help take the guesswork out of eating out and allow you to enjoy fresh, local options throughout our community. 

Our strong community focus and passion to help others live a balanced lifestyle is a driving force behind our mission to give back to drug and alcohol recovery programs. Having experienced first hand the struggle and toll addictions have on individuals and families alike this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Thank YOU for your support of GoFit Dining and taking a stand for a better, more balanced life, for yourself and for those in our community.

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